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Joe's no flats - super sealant 60ml

Joe's no flats - super sealant 60ml

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Ultra-fast sealing for tubeless, tubular and inner tubes FOR THE SAFEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE SEALANT that works with all types of bike wheel systems, you need a name you can trust. Joe's No Flats is a reliable, leading and innovative manufacturer who has been faithfully serving professional bike riders world-wide for the last 17 years. THE WORLD'S MOST ULTRA-FAST, EFFECTIVE ANTI-PUNCTURE SEALANT, PLUS IT'S ECO-FRIENDLY. This sealant provides excellent sealing for big holes of up to 6mm (¼ inch). It is suitable for both tubeless, tubular and inner tubes. It is has a wide temperature range compatibility (-20ºC - +70ºC) and a wide pressure range compatibility (15PSI - 100PSI). It is CO₂ compatible. REDUCE YOUR RISK OF A FLAT TIRE ON THE ROAD OR THE TRAIL - Simply squeeze in a bit of our environmentally friendly sealant through the valve stem to coat the inside of the tube. In the event of a small puncture or cut, the sealant will fill the leak and create a very long-lasting plug enabling you to continue cycling without changing the tire. ONCE SEALED THAT HOLE WILL NEVER REOPEN - Whether you cycle for fun or use your bike as a vehicle, this simple hack will keep you going and you'll never even miss a beat. What's easier, changing a tire in an unsafe place on your own in all weathers, or adding a little sealant? It's a no-brainer! For effective puncture resistance, add fresh sealant every 3-6 months depending on quantity and weather conditions. BUY YOURS NOW and make your cycling more fun, safer and more pleasant. Get it for your kids' bikes so you know they'll never be in an unsafe situation with a flat tire. The Joe's No Flats team is always ready to advise you so just get in touch. Latex based. For effective puncture resistance, add fresh sealant every 3-12 months depending on quantity and weather conditions.

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